Mormonism, also called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, claims to be the true church that was restored by the prophet Joseph Smith. So, what does it teach? The following is a brief list, but the articles contain more information with documentation of those teachings from LDS sources.

Mormonism teaches that...

  1. There are many gods.
  2. There is a mother goddess.
  3. The Trinity is three gods.
  4. After you become a good Mormon, you have the potential of becoming a god.
  5. Salvation is by faith and obeying commandments.
  6. and much more....



  • Comparing Mormonism with Christianity
    • Let's compare Mormonism with traditional Christianity as revealed in the Bible. If Mormonism is Christian, then shouldn't it reflect biblical teachings?
  • Joseph Smith Quotes
    • Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, said a lot of very "interesting" things about God being a man, the Trinity is three gods, temple work, and people on the moon.
  • Brigham Young Quotes
    • Brigham Young, the 2nd Mormon Prophet, said that God is progressing knowledge, that to deny polygamy is to court damnation, and that God and Mary 'did it.'
  • Changes in the Book of Mormon
    • Mormonism says the Book of Mormon is the most correct book of any on earth.  If so, why then all the changes that are not just typos, but doctrinal alterations?
  • What is the Truth
    • The truth is found in the Bible, the inspired word of God. Mormonism is not Christian since it teaches a different God, a different Christ, and a different gospel.